Monday, August 17, 2009

the trip and the malaysian idol wannabe

about today lessons...
although i know my language was bad
when doing the presentation..
but i could feel my confident was better then before..
and when doing the preparation for that activities,
i have much more spirit to improve my speaking skill
so that my friend will not feel weird when i speak..tq


miss Dia said...

i hope so too is not easy to speak in front of others. i really hope you've gained something from the activity..looking forward to better performance next time!!

artulateqa said...

ur performance sooo awesome.
aku gelak kuat-kuat weh.
hee =))

eka said...

peh!!naseb le aq cool..
kang aq tapek ko bru twu..

artulatiqah said...

tapek bg slow2.
baru hebat.

eka said...


nadia said...

eka jgn tapek2.....bln puase.pose x ni????

artulatiqah said...

ape itu bongek.
explain sket weh
*haha*[ketawa smbil jeling2]

eka said...

bongek 2..
y ske sondol2..
pe 2?
hehe...2 xtwu

artulatiqah said...

ape itu sondol?
sile bagitao lebih detail okie.
hee :))