Monday, September 7, 2009

=+super eka??eka super??+=

When i become the superhero, i will have my magical costume that can help me to move quikly as faster as lightining.Next, my costume also can protect my body from any danger all the time,cool haa!!!.Then, my eye was like as sharp as eagle.It can zoom from the long distant which can scan place that have people who want my help or any object that far from me.So, i can detect any trouble that happen in our daily life.Plus, my ear can hear that sound shouting at me although it was slow,very slow and very-very slow-hehe-.Sound like lying right??but you must trus me because i'am the superhero that can help you in trouble any time,every hour and every were.-hoho- With all the abilities i feel i can give many benefit to other.Lastly, be cool because now your life will become safety and more peaceful with your gorgeous,beautiful and cute "super eka"...hahaha


artulatiqah said...

uits super eka eka super.
ur ear can hear the sound even far away?
tapi,aku lagii hebat weh :))
*haha*[gelak angkuh sikit]

eka said...

nk jugk ek..

artulatiqah said...

btw,ta kena kot kau tumbuk.
siap aa kau jap gi.
haha :)